The Philosophy of Iron

Deadlift training at any age can put you in a euphoric zone.
For some of us, training is a painful event that we just need to complete.  For the more sadistic, this can become a bizarre game of pushing beyond realistic boundaries in order to feel unique or powerful.  And yet for others it is a blissful, almost euphoric state entered at least 2 to 3 times each week.  
It seems that how you personally view your training can influence its benefits over your lifespan.  

Super Low Carb Recipes!!!!!

Low Carb Twist on Asian Chicken Burger
There are a lot of misconceptions about diet and exercise.  Most of them come from our natural desire to want instant gratification without much work.  Here at Fitmidlife, we like to call this the "magic pill" syndrome.  
I know that most people have been brought up to believe that you can cardio your way to a lean body and that all you need to know is calories in must be less than calories out.  It is my hope that by now everyone understands that all calories are not equal and that most of us benefit from a lower carb diet.  Fortunately, sometimes eating low carb just means taking a good recipe and tweaking it like the Asian Chicken Burger shown here.  If you dump the buns and put it on a bed of spinach, you've got a great tasting meal that will satisfy your need for variety on a low carb diet.  Some people won't be swayed by anything less than regular old junk food.  Well here is a pizza recipe you can try out while going low carb.  

A Gym For All Seasons

Home gym
A home gym can fit in an 8'X 8' section of a Florida room

I get a lot of questions from baby boomers asking about home gym equipment.  Many midlifers do not feel comfortable going to a commercial gym right away.  Beyond the time constraints, traffic, and costs of gym membership, there is also that horrible feeling of self-consciousness that can stifle us until we become adept at training our bodies again. 
This leads to the purchase of many questionable exercise machines and/or videos that can make midlifers end their fitness endeavors in injury and failure rather than create a new life-long habit.  Here are some common questions.

What is the best exercise machine for home use?

Where can I find home gym equipment ?

What is the least amount of space I need for a home gym?
Generally, I try to maintain that "anything will work if you use it" type of mentality, but a lot of the popular items out there for fitness can do some serious damage to those of us who aren't as nimble as we used to be.  Let's review some of what is available and what you should be looking for in a home gym.

Keeping Muscle as We Age
Visit Wall Street Journal

Laura Landro of the Wall Street Journal wrote a fantastic article this month on a crisis facing our baby boomer population.  In "A Push to Maintain Muscles"(offline title), she listed the scientific data that shows just how quickly our muscle mass decreases after our early 40's and the ramifications of losing all that lean mass.  She noted that Sarcopenia, the name for this horrifying affliction, is an inevitability and that there were no drugs on the market that could help (though the Pharmaceutical companies are working toward a pill solution).  So what is a health conscious midlifer to do?