Elliptical Review

Bargain Elliptical on Amazon

It's the holidays and I've been at work piecing together one of my wife's gifts this year.  She asked for a dirt cheap elliptical and I didn't want to get the one she picked out.  Instead, I did a little research and picked one I thought would meet her needs.  I chose the Exerpeutic 1000XI Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical with Pulse check.  I found it on Amazon.com for $179 and free shipping.  Amazon shipped it faster than expected (as usual).  
Here is my initial review:

Home Gym Project for the Super Fit Midlifer

A midlifer's home gym doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Some of us need to go somewhere and have cheerleaders around to keep us on target. While it can be nice to have a partner or team environment in the gym, this should not be the limiting factor in your training plan.  If you've managed to survive long enough to own a home and raise some kids, you've probably grown a little focus and ability to do things on your own.  
A home gym can be a beautiful thing for a midlifer serious about training.  You can play whatever music you like, you can set up how ever you want, and you don't have to deal with "resolutioners" doing bicep curls on the squat rack ( this alone made me do it ).  
I could go on and on about why a home gym is better than a commercial gym, but I digress. Let me show you my latest set up and review some relatively inexpensive equipment.  If you are a midlifer who wants to get in shape in the comfort of your own home; this post is for you.

BMI : Big Money for Insurance

People have finally begun to question the logic of BMI !!!!!!!
Decades ago, I went to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) with my best friend to join up.  He was nervous; I was cocky.  He was a skinny, 6 ft kid who could barely do three push ups. I could total over 1,200 lbs in three lifts at a body weight of 168 lbs.  We were both lean, but I was heavily muscled and only 5'4" tall.  You can imagine my surprise when he coasted through and I had to get a waiver for my weight.  I got the waiver because my body fat was only about 8% and the folks doing it literally told me it was formality.  They had strict rules in regards to BMI (Body Mass Index) but at least they were wise enough to acknowledge exceptions.  Not all organizations that use this ratio are so diligent.

The Power of Obsessive, Intense Focus

Stop!  Focus!  Go!
During  my training sessions at local gyms, I sometimes stumble across interesting people. Recently, I ran into a 70 year old gentleman who reminded me how important it is to focus on your goals.  Nick is a stout man about my height.  He competed in his first power-lifting competition just last year and he set a goal of breaking specific records.  
He was working his "big three" lifts like a man on a mission.  His intense drive and will to complete the work of training was unmistakable.  The man was focused.